November 29, 2017
McMaster Innovation Park
175 Longwood Rd. S.
Hamilton ON Canada     REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. The event is at full capacity.

November 29, 2017
McMaster Innovation Park
174 Longwood Rd. S.
Hamilton ON Canada     REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. The event is at full capacity


            McMaster.AI brings together leaders from industry, academia and government to engage in discussions about the future of AI and its potential benefits. Come hear what forward thinkers have to say about this emerging area, new technologies, and discover new innovation and commercial opportunities.

            McMaster University has a distinguished history in the evolution of smart systems, including the development of cognitive approaches, and smart optimization processes. We are bringing a smart-systems and cognitive approach to a broad range of problems and industries.


Gordon Alexander

IBM Innovation Space, IBM Canada

Gordon Alexander is the Healthcare Industry Technical Leader for the IBM Innovation Space in Hamilton. The Innovation Exchange gives area healthcare providers, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs advanced technology tools and expertise to improve healthcare outcomes.

Dr. Sue Becker

McMaster University

Sue is a Professor in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour where she is investigating the neural bases of learning and memory, and developing neurally inspired hearing assistive devices and brain-computer-interfaces.

Dr. Afsaneh Fazly

Thomson Reuters

Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Today's Industry
Afsaneh is the Director of Research at Thomson Reuters with over 20 years experience in computational linguistics and cognitive science.

Tom Gaasenbeek

Nexas Networks

Tom is the President and CEO of Nexas Networks, where he and his team provide real-time machine monitoring solutions for manufacturers.

Dr. Simon Haykin

McMaster University

Artificial intelligence and cognitive risk control integrated for cybersecurity
Simon is a Distinguished University Professor, Director of the Cognitive System Laboratory, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and IEEE Fellow. He is a pioneer in adaptive signal-processing, and has worked extensively in the area of Neural Computation.

Dr. T. Kirubarajan

McMaster University

Kiruba is a Distinguished Engineering Professor and Canada Research Chair with research interests in information fusion, multi-sensor and multi-target tracking, and signal processing.

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Tomi Poutanen

Layer 6 AI

Tomi is co-founder and co-CEO of Layer 6 AI (, providing a deep learning prediction engine for enterprise data. He is a founder of the Vector Institute, and founding Fellow of the Creative Destruction Lab.

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Dr. David Harris Smith

Associate Professor, Communication and Media Studies, McMaster University

David is Director of Research for the macGRID Simulation Research Network. His research interests include multidisciplinary practices and applications of avatar virtual worlds. David's recent cultural robotics project, hitchBOT: The hitchhiking robot has received extensive international media coverage.

Dr. Xiaodan Zhu

Queens University

Xiaodan is an Assistant Professor at Queens University where his research interests include natural language processing, spoken document understanding, and machine learning.


McMaster Innovation Park
175 Longwood Rd S
Hamilton ON, L8P 0A1

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